1. Click the Sign up button above OR Go to and create your free account using an email and password. 

  2. Once logged in see the menu in the upper left-hand corner of the screen, select "manage companies"

  3. Fill in the fields with your business name, phone#, and location. Click "create company"

  4. Next select "Manage Deals" from the menu and select your business from the company drop down menu. 

  5. Now select "Daily Deal" and fill in fields for "Deal Name" and "Deal Description" (including location phone number). These "daily deals" show up year round and can be changed at any time. A user that has favorited your business will receive push notifications to their phones when you change or add a deal. 

  6. Select your company and select birthday deal tab and fill in fields for deal name, deal description, and location phone. Carefully review and submit. These deals show up only the week before the users birthday. It is recommended to have offers that are free and put discounts in daily deals. Boom you now have your business in the bdayfreeday app!. You can track which deals are redeemed under "manage reporting" tab.