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Your customers can share your deal on social media. Customers  can favorite your deal instead of being on your email list. Access customers in real time.


Do you have a birthday deal? There are millions of birthdays everyday. In a major city that means that everyday, around your business location, there are thousands of people celebrating their birthday. Our app will put you on the map so people around you can clearly see that there is something special going on at your location.

Most birthday celebrations involve more than just the birthday person; they bring friends and family. The average range for a birthday outing is 4-9 people. Remember only the birthday person gets the free "cake" unless your deal says otherwise.

Are you a Spa? A restaurant? A gym? An event? Help our users plan their special day.



Map view shows business deals surrounding potential customers

Map view shows business deals surrounding potential customers


Forget those pesky email lists that just end up in your customers spam folders. Get your patrons to favorite your business on the app. And post daily or weekly deals. People in your area will get a ping to their phone letting them know what your dinner specials are; or that from 4pm-6pm drinks are half off.

In times of slow business you can access customers in real time and entice them with your deal.



Talk to us about optimizing your business to reach more customers.


Having a hard time sticking out in the crowd? Talk to us and make your map icon stand out. Want to stand out at the top of the list in your city? Drop us a line and see what we offer as far as optimizing your address and deal in our app.





Have a birthday getaway deal. Sign up with us and help our users plan their birthday getaway with their families.