Rogue Robertson came up with the idea for bdayfreeday over many years of planning his own birthday around free offers. His plan was to share this gift with the world. Rogue has personally indulged in nearly every free offer in the portland metro area. 


Rogue Robertson, co-founder - VP of Sales

Rogue has designed and implemented activist campaigns organizing over 50 people for little to no money to campaign against or for differen't environmental and social objectives. Rogue is uniquely suited to dominate as VP of Sales as he has a network that is ready for action in every major city in the United States. His campaigns have gone on to become internationally viral campaigns with millions of people around the world rallying for the same cause. 

Joey Poareo, co-founder - CEO

Joey has designed business models and strategies while holding executive positions across multiple different industries. He has invested in mulptiple experimental start ups and has managed has manged teams of over 20 employees and subcontractors on development projects from ground break to completion. He has produced results ahead of schedule and under budget; actively managing large investments and producing returns when time was of the essence. 

Bruce Robertson, CTO

Bruce has worked as a tech professional and consultant in Silicon Valley, the Northwest, and a few times being contracted out internationally. He has been writing code since the 80's.